Choosing the right company for a safe rafting adventure

Choosing the right rafting companyChoose a licensed and professional rafting outfitter.

Choose carefully the right outfitter for your white water rafting in Cusco. In Cusco Peru, there are only eight companies that operate rafting trips; unfortunately, just a few follow the rules and precautions stated in the Peruvian rafting regulations. If you want a safe trip, ask the following questions to determine if the company is safe, authorized and certified by the Ministry of Tourism.

  • The company’s criminal record.
  • How experienced their guides are.
  • How many passengers they have per group. The maximum number of people allowed in trips of more than a 2 days are 18, but unfortunately, there are some tour operators who take 30, 36, 40 or more.
  • What government entity manages their licensed permits and training practices? “The Ministry of Tourism is the only government entity that certifies and authorized white water rafting operators in Cusco and Peru. They also are in charge of certifying all rafting guides.”
  • How long they have been in business under the current ownership.
  • The kind of training their guides have.

Take precautions before booking any white water rafting tour in Cusco, Arequipa or Lima (Lunahuana). Research the company that you will use and then book and enjoy you and your family the great outdoor experience that Peru and Cusco white water rafting offers.

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