Coronavirus updates: Peru returns to normal Tourism after 2.5 Years Of restrictions

Have you heard about the hottest good news as regard Peru being reinstated to its normal tourism after many years of severe restrictions initiated and largely sponsored by covid 19? Absolutely all tourist destinations in Peru has finally regained it full functionality after battling for two and half years with some of the strictest rules … Read more

Altitude sickness Cusco

General information Altitude sickness afflicts around 50% of people who climb to altitudes of 8,000 feet or more. It can be unpleasant, causing headaches and dizziness. Yet, if you know what to expect and how to react to the first signs of altitude sickness, you can often avoid the worst symptoms. Travelers to Cusco Machu … Read more

Reopening Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu’s mayor questions reopening of Incan site on July 24th, amid fears COVID-19 will spread into the community. Widely considered the crown jewel of our country Machu Picchu was scheduled to reopen July 24, 2020. The reopening date is significant as it marks the discovery of the historic Incan citadel in 1911. Monday, Jean … Read more